Teeth Whitening in South Edmonton

We provide teeth whitening take-home kits that can enhance your smile by brightening dull or yellowed teeth.

The cost of Teeth Whitening in Edmonton can go up to $350. 

Over time, our teeth tend to accumulate stains from our dietary choices, drinking habits, lifestyle factors, and the natural aging process, leading to a loss of shine and possibly a yellowed appearance.

Trustworthiness is vital when it comes to teeth whitening. That’s why Axis Dental offers Philips’ ZOOM take-home teeth whitening, a reliable and proven solution for brightening your smile.

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Teeth whitening is a widely available service which has become so commonplace that it can often be done at the end of a routine checkup and cleaning, saving you the time of an additional appointment. Teeth whitening has become a very affordable and available process – so much so that we recommend coming to us before you spend your hard-earned dollars on whitening gum, rinse, strips, etc. which can quickly add up to being more costly than having it professionally done.

Checkups and Cleaning

If you have concerns about the shade of your teeth, you could be accumulating staining due to the presence of tartar. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your dentist for your regular checkup, consider booking a cleaning to remove any surface staining before going forward with teeth whitening.

Habits like smoking, drinking red wine or sodas and black coffee should be reviewed if you are concerned about the shade of your teeth, since these are ‘stainers’ and will work against your teeth whitening efforts. Limiting sugars and simple carbs will keep bacteria levels in check inside the mouth and leave teeth less susceptible to staining and acid attack. Finally, to prevent staining in the future, make sure you are limiting plaque and tartar with a regular oral hygiene routine.

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