Checkups & Cleaning

Checkups & Cleaning

Maintenance. Every busy adult’s least favourite word. ‘Maintenance’ implies making time for yet another appointment for something that may not even be causing any issues…yet. Yes, your semi-annual oral health checkup and professional cleaning will require some of your time upfront, but if you consider the long game, attending to these appointments is likely to save you time, money and discomfort. That’s because the nature of the human mouth is such that we may not notice teeth and gum issues when they present in their early stages, often with mild symptoms that can be missed during our busy day.

There are many reasons to stop avoiding the dentist if it’s been your pattern as of late. If you have a history of excellent oral health but you’ve been skipping checkups and cleanings, there’s a good chance that you’ve cut corners where self-care is concerned, too. Booking for a cleaning will give you a fresh start and is likely to get you thinking about keeping those clean, smooth teeth just that way.

Even if you have excellent oral health routines and a healthy diet, checking in with your dentist will ensure that issues of concern that arise beneath the surface of the skin are caught before their symptoms get bad enough for you to notice. This can be the case where issues like cysts or oral cancers are identified using technology such as digital X-rays or light technology that allows the layers beneath the skin to be made visible.

While all mouths differ in the number of bacteria they contain and the amount of plaque they produce, you can bet that if it’s been at least six months since you’ve seen your dentist, you will have accumulated some degree of tartar. Tartar occurs in the mouth when minerals in plaque that is left in place too long begins to calcify and form a rock-hard film on the surface of the teeth, usually toward the gums. Don’t try to remove this yourself, since only the skilled hand of a professional hygienist can ensure that your enamel isn’t damaged as tartar is removed from it. Since your enamel is the only enamel you will have for life, it’s important to treat it with care.

In order to ensure that your important dental care isn’t forgotten, we recommend that our clients book their next appointment before leaving for the day. It can be helpful to schedule your appointment before or after busy times like kid’s birthdays, holidays and back-to-school. This will decrease the likelihood that you won’t make time for this important appointment.

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Oral Care at Home

Once you’ve had your teeth cleaned, you’ll want to step up your oral care if required, in order to keep them healthy and looking great until your next appointment. While brushing after every meal is ideal, we recommend brushing at least twice a day after your first and last meals and flossing a minimum of once daily after dinner. Going to sleep with clean teeth means that for approximately eight hours your teeth will not be exposed to decomposing food debris, acid and bacteria – which all lead to gingivitis and cavities over time.  

Watch What You Eat

In order to keep your teeth looking their best, it’s important to consider the impact that your diet has on your oral and systemic health. For example, someone who eats a protein and plant-rich diet is likely to have minimal staining and an absence of decay and tissue irritations (like gingivitis). Someone who eats mainly processed food and breads is likely to present with tartar and staining from drinks like red wine, coffee and caffeinated teas. These beverages contain sugars and are heavily pigmented – and since bacteria eat sugar and expel acid, where there are sugars, there will be acid.

This acid immediately begins attacking the enamel that protects the teeth, and deposits stains when the enamel has been compromised or tartar is present. Minimize exposure to acids by drinking more still water and decreasing carbs (cutting out sugar, bread, etc.). Decreasing sugar intake is a step you can take toward better overall health and wellness as well as taking care of your teeth.

What to Expect

Your visit will involve a full visual examination of your oral cavity and tissues to assess their health, followed by digital X-ray capture and review. Once you’ve discussed your teeth and any concerns with your dentist, a dental hygienist will arrive to complete the cleaning process. Cleaning consists of carefully scraping tartar from the teeth and polishing the teeth to remove surface stains and smooth the teeth. Next, your hygienist will floss your teeth and offer you a fluoride solution before sending you on your way. Remember to book your next appointment before leaving for the day.

If you have questions about this or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.