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Edmonton Dental Prices In 2023

Dental Cost In Edmonton​

At Axis Dental Clinic, we prioritize offering superior quality dental care that is accessible and affordable to you and your loved ones. Our team of dentists is committed to delivering exceptional treatment at a reasonable cost.

This chart showcases the prevalent cost of dental services in Edmonton and has been updated to reflect the 2023 Alberta Fee Guide. Our primary objective is to maintain complete transparency regarding the costs associated with each treatment option available at our office. If you have any additional questions about pricing for any other services at our office, please refer to the comprehensive fee guide link or reach out to our dental office via phone.

2023 Alberta Dental Fee Guide

Dental Procedure

Fee Guide

Childrens New Patient Exam (Each) $81.82 - $111.51
Adult New Patient Exam (Each) $116.66
Emergency (specific) New Patient Exam (Each) $73.85
Polish Hygiene Treatment (15 mins) $68.79
Scaling Hygiene Treatment (15 mins) $77.21
Root Planing Hygiene Treatment (15 mins) $83.55
Flouride Hygiene Treatment (Each) $33.33
Panoramic X-Rays (Each) $101.53
Bitewing X-Rays (For Two) $54.60
Periapical X-Rays (Each) $34.26
Fillings Composite (Each) $156.93 - $407.43
Invisalign Orthodontics (Full Treatment) $1,799 - $5,995

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